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Inspection of the start of diesel generator
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Inspection of the start of diesel generator:

1. Generator appearance inspection, check the crew if leaks, oil spills. There are no debris around the safe operation of the generator.

2. Check the generator oil level to ensure that the oil level is between the two scales of the oil scale, if necessary add more information.

3. Check the Unit coolant volume, to ensure that the enough amount of coolant.

4. Check the air inlet and exhaust system to ensure smoothness. Water-cooled unit need to check whether the cooling water tank is clean, remote control cooling unit to check once a month for outside the circulation of the sandbar whether the blockage. Whether there is water in the cooling tower, whether removal the air in the pipeline.

5. Check the control circuit connector around the generatorto ensure that the wiring is connected well.

6. Measure the battery voltage to ensure that the voltage is sufficient; check the battery liquid level, if necessary, add more distilled water.

7. Check the amount of fuel in the fuel tank and add more if necessary. Check the fuel tank valve and make sure it's open.

8. Check the air filter monitor to ensure that the air filter is not blocked.

9. Check whether there are staffs working one the line.

10. Standby power generator units should always do the above work,at the same time the control system placed in automatic position.

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