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Generator structure and operation
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Diesel generating set must be familiar with the structure of the unit, the control of operating personnel safety operation procedures.
New or repaired diesel engine is made up of 60 hours of operation, and make the necessary maintenance. New or for a long time without using generators put into normal operation, have to pass strict inspection, check the main winding insulation, cabling, etc., such as, to deal with.
Diesel engine starting should gradually increase the speed and check all complete under the premise of the rated speed of the speed of light. No-load operation, the focus of the oil pressure, there is no voice, excitation current, the three-phase voltage changes, such as the abnormal situation, should immediately stop check. Find out the situation, and then start.
If all goes well, you can put into normal operation. Operators should closely monitor the change of the instrument on the control panel, whether in the permitted range, and make the appropriate adjustments.
Someone being shocked, should be quickly cut off the power switch, quickly or insulation equipment, power supply is broken or lost power. Then, ask a doctor to rescue at the site.
Electrical equipment in the flood, should immediately cut off the power supply, and report to local power supply, then to fire. The use of electrical equipment, fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, etc., are not allowed to use water.
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