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Reasons for Abnormal Sound of Diesel Generator Piston Ring parts
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Diesel generator piston ring parts of the abnormal sound mainly including ring of the metal percussion, the piston ring leakage sound and excessive carbon caused by abnormal sound.
(1) Piston ring metal knock sound. After the engine is working for a long time, the cylinder wall is worn, but the upper part of the cylinder wall and the piston ring are in contact with almost the original geometric shape and size, which makes the cylinder wall to generate a step. If you use the old cylinder pad or replace the new cylinder pad thin, when working the piston ring will be collided with the cylinder wall steps, issued a blunt "puff" metal impact sound. If the engine speed increases, the abnormal sound will increase. In addition, if the piston ring broken or piston ring and ring groove gap is too large, will cause a greater percussion.
(2) The leakage of the piston ring sound. Piston ring elasticity weakened, open the gap is too large or openings overlap, the cylinder wall with a groove, etc. will cause the piston ring leakage. Its sound for a "hehe" or "hiss" sound, serious leak will issue of "puff" sound. The diagnostic method is that when the engine water temperature reaches 80 ℃ or more,pls injected a little fresh and clean oil into the cylinder, shake the crankshaft after a few circles,restart the engine, if the abnormal sound disappears,but soon after for a while, can be determined as a piston ring leakage.
(3) excessive carbon abnormal noise. Coke too much, the sound of the cylinder is a sharp sound, because the carbon is burning to red, the engine has the symptoms of premature ignition, and not easy to turn off. Piston ring part of the formation of carbon deposition, mainly due to the piston ring and cylinder wall sealing no good,open gap is too large, the piston ring install not proper, ring mouth coincidence and other reasons, causing the oil channeling, high temperature and high pressure gas channeling, Ring parts of the burning, resulting in the formation of carbon deposition and even stick the piston ring, the piston ring lose flexibility and sealing function. The general replacement of the appropriate standard piston ring, the fault can be ruled out.
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